Thursday, July 21, 2005

My UK trip

Ah, by the time it ended, I felt like a school kid who had a long holiday after his annual examination and had to return to school.

At work, one hardly gets to holiday for a long time. Last time I had a holiday was when I was getting married. My company gave a 10-day marriage leave. Yeah, that what it was a leave. There was so much work to do, so much of travel, by the time I returned I was only getting sleep even during office hours.

This one was different. My first trip outside the country. The first visa stamping on my passport in its 8 years of life. Another two years, I would have to renew it.

UK was like dream, clean yet beautiful. Modern yet laidback.

Having been in India for a long time, I had never seen such humongous shopping malls. Driving is a pleasure. You do not get to hear 'sound horns', you can feel safe as almost everyone follows the rules.

Scotland is a place to relax. But can be sickening if you get stuck there. The pace of life is rather slow. But people are good. Though did not see the lochs, we did manage to go to Stirling Castle and Scone Palace. Also the trip to Royal Yacht Britannia. Wow!

The shopping malls have things which are above the reach of tourists. I would immediately start calculating the value in India rupee. Then of course, whenever we get to see 'Made in India' label, we would laugh to ourselves.

But a long break is worth every year.
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