Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thirupathi, no more!

Yeah, thats my decision.

Last time, I went to Thirupathi, I had a fight with those pushers because I kept telling one of them not to push my sister-in-law's FIL but he never listened. I used real bad language at the Sanctum Sanatorium. I was aghast that a devotee has to go through such trouble to have a glimpse of the Lord.

In addition, the corruption is mind boggling. I think it comes from the Lord. As they say, Power and Money corrupts. Well, our Lord is the most powerful and richest.

His heart must be bleeding witnessing so many of those who take care of Thirupathi indulging in corruption.

The primary reason behind such a situation is because of the demand and supply equation.

So Lord, let me help you for a change. I will reduce the load at Thirupathi, will meet you in other temples except for Thirumala.

Of course, I will miss the laddus but I guess there will be many others who will come for your darshan.

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Shishir said...


God Jee,

I am also not coming to you unless, I get an information that the corruption levels have gone down at Thirumala temple...