Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ganesh, the hypocrite

I was driving back home last week, when I saw this hoarding about a Veg Expo in Chennai. Suddenly, I was reminded of two incidents in my life – one long back and the other every recently.

Long long ago, when I was in grade XI (must be 1993); Vegetarian Congress had announced a public speaking competition. As it was a big event, my Biology teacher took a couple of us, who were to participate in the competition, and gave them dopes on why being a vegetarian was good.

I, in my usual style, spoke very casually with loads of humor peppered. All this despite the fact that I eat anything that walks, flies, swims or crawls. Shameless, am I not?

I was adjudged third best speaker. I collected Rs. 50 which was the prize money. And guess what I did? I watched Basic Instincts!

After so many years, I got an opportunity to speak on TV. CNN-IBN was doing a small bit on Chennaites food preferences. They were looking for someone who could speak as a non-vegetarian. I volunteered.

And since I love fleshy foods, I did a good job I guess.

And suddenly after looking at the hoarding that evening, I wondered to myself "What a hypocrite, I must be?"

Am I not?

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