Monday, November 26, 2007

Some Stupid Thoughts

An ex-colleague of mine was discussing his next move with me the other day. While discussing, this ambitious chap said that he wanted to do something called PR 2.0. Honestly, I am not sure what it means. But it is supposed to change PR completely. It will elevate PR to emhhhhhhh, hmmmmmmmmmm, not sure, can I say completely different levels. PR will no more be PR; God, what will it be?

Ok, ok. Let me not mock at my friend, it is just that he is passionate.

I told him something that impressed not only him but also elevated my esteem levels.

Before he uses it, let me record it and take full credit.

Here is what I said, "Changes in no industry is revolutionary; it is always evolutionary". Oh, what a profound statement! Am I full of myself? :P

As far as I know, no industry has changed dramatically overnight. Old ways might change but basics never. For example, I was reading about UPS which had transformed its business from being a courier company to a support services company. The company handles more and more processes which were traditionally handled by their clients. But then, UPS has built new businesses on the strong foundation of logistics network that they have.

But wait, what about ITC? They were a tobacco company. Today, they are into all sorts of business. Hotels, Foods, Agarbattis...

But then ITC is one company/conglomerate not an industry.

Courier, tobacco, automobile...all are industries and they would remain so. So would PR be. If PR does not remain PR, what will it be?

I, just, finished reading Dilbert Principle. Paradigm seems to be the most favorite term for people in management!

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