Monday, May 19, 2008

10 Downing: Making use of customer database

I have quite often wondered what companies do with the databases they collect. Every time, I go to a restaurant of some repute, the standard practice is to fill in the feedback form.

Apart from comments on food, ambiance, service, blah blah...these establishments collect details like date of birth and anniversary. In so many years, I have never ever heard anything from them on these special days.

This year on my birthday, I was planning to take my colleagues for a treat to Amethyst, a premium coffee shop in Chennai. As I was finalizing my plans, I got a call from 10 Downing, a pub in Chennai. The caller wished me and then said that I could avail 25% discount as their birthday gift to me. It came as a sweet surprise. And suddenly, the treat turned into a high spirit event rather than a caffeine rich.

As a marketing person, I think 10 D stands apart in using the CRM database. Not only they kept a customer happy, they also managed to steal business.

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