Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Twittering: Trying to demystify

Twitter was introduced to me by Mr. Dorai Thodla. I was very excited and opened an account. Founds loads of acquaintances and friends. After initial enthusiasm died, I started thinking how to use Twitter as a marketing tool.

To be honest, I haven't figured out yet. I am trying to demystify it. I am posting here couple of links that I am reading to get a grasp. Hope one finds them useful.

Guide to Twitter as a Tool for Marketing and PR by Lee Odden
Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool by Carlos Granier-PhelpsNewbie's guide to Twitter by Rafe Needleman
How to Use Twitter as a Twool by Guy Kawasaki
How to use Twitter as a marketing tool by FruGal (though this is more from the point of view of promoting your blog)
Twitter as a marketing tool by Alex Barrera (Alex gives reasons as to why or who should use it though he doesn't explain much)
How to Use Twitter As a Marketing Tool by Joan Yankowitz (some good basic info)

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