Monday, July 20, 2009

Dominos: 30 Minutes Or No Free Pizzas

It was quite a disheartening experience with Dominos Pizza. Let me make it clear before I recount the experience that I do like the Domino's pizza over Pizza Hut or Pizza Corner.

My team and I have been ordering Domino's, especially the Cheese Busters, pizza quite regularly from the Ashok Nagar outlet in Chennai. Last week, we ordered two pizzas from the same place to be delivered at our office in Guindy. The flyer given to us from a previous delivery mentioned that the pizzas would be delivered free, if delivery time is beyond 30 minutes.

The delivery boy did come but after an hour from the time order was placed. So, we reminded him about the delay and asked him to deliver the pizza free. The delivery boy cringed and start giving excuses. He was not ready to give it us free of cost. After some point, I called the outlet and narrated the incident to the order taker. To my suprise, the order taker also started giving reasons. One of which was that there was a 'conditions apply' clause. So, I asked him what was the condition in this case. He said that there was a heavy traffic at the outlet and hence the offer will not be valid. I reminded him that this was not informed to me when the order was taken. He didn't have much to say. He said that we could pay Rs. 250 against Rs. 400 and take the pizzas. Since, we were slightly starved, we agreed to give Rs. 200. But I was very upset.

Then a day later, I visited Dominos website and promptly registered a complaint. I must commend that a person from the outlet quickly called me up and apologized. He promised that he will give us complimentary pizza and return Rs. 200. I was quite happy.

Two days later, I redeemed the offer.

And that is where my disappointment with Dominos grew further. Since I was busy in a meeting, I asked my colleague to collect the pizza. When I returned my colleague told me that delivery guys apologized for the incident but also informed us that since they can't keep up their time (30 mins), they will not take our delivery orders from the next time.

To me it sounded as if Dominos was angry with customers for redeeming the offer. I was quite upset because if Dominos did not have the intention of keeping its promotion promise, why did it make it in the first place.

Dominos: 30 minutes or Free Pizza seems like a pure gimmick. Lying!

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