Friday, August 21, 2009

US Worked Behind The Scenes

There was so much furore over the Iran elections. People in Twitter were urging others to wear Green to show their support to the demostrations against the results announced.

Recently, a comment by Hillary Clinton which was published all over irritated me. Let me make it clear, I neither a pro or anti establishment in Iran. But Hillary's stating that US worked behind the scenes to promote the demonstration in Iran is admitting to a shameful act. Not because the elections were rigged. I have nothing to prove if it was.

I just remembered the "surprise" election of George Bush in the United States of America. I still can't forget the scenes from the famous documentary - Inconvenient Truth. The "sudden" change in the results that catapulted Bush Jr to presidency and throwing of ballot papers from buildings are clear proof of election results being rigged in that country.

Result, the "war on terror". The seemingly unending war has created more hatred across the world.

May be US is worried that the Government-elect may turn out to be another "Bush-regime" in Iran.

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