Thursday, October 01, 2009

Torn, Caught Between Many

As he realized that the train was about to move and with it his happiness, he felt very uneasy. He realized that the next day he was not going to meet her, probably, not for a long time. May be never again. Life is cruel.

He hadn't cried in decades. Not even in the difficult of situations. He could never imagine himself cry. It was not a man thing. As he thought about it, the eyes swelled. Frantically, he reached for his mobile and tried her number. It was a female voice, but not hers. Automated, emotionless women who made him realize that it was over.

The tears started rolling through his fat cheeks.


Yeah, this will be the starting line of my book - Torn. Whenever I write.

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anisha said...

Its so nice....

The words are so improbable. I felt it.