Wednesday, November 25, 2009 in 17 Official Indian languages

I do not approve of MNS' philosophy. Nor of any other party/organization which has similar outlook. Narrow patriotism has done enough harm. Please refer history.

But MNS' demand to have in Marathi is a good thought. Today, the site is available in Hindi, Gujarati and English. It would be great if every Indian (like Sachin Tendulkar) can get BSE site in his or her own language. To start with it should at least be in the 17 official languages.

But why should it stop with BSE's site. In fact, all Government sites should be published in these 17 languages. At least, Central Government sites should be. States might still be caught in linguistic patriotism.

This will ensure information democracy, in the first place. It will also mean that Governments are unbiased. Two, this will increase spending, which in turn is required to curb recession; at least in a small way. And finally, technology spending is always beneficial. Promotion of Indian languages over Internet is definitely the way forward.

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