Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Piracy Is Good (Part Deux)

Well, I said it earlier. Piracy is good!

Newspapers say that Jaggubhai, Sharatkumar-starrer and KS Ravikumar directed flick, is now available on internet. Oh by-the-way, the movie hasn’t been completed, yet. At least earlier, the movies were copied only in theaters after release or from the originals that were sent overseas. Now, they are being copied in editing rooms!

Technology is making digital reproduction and distribution easier. Also, we know crooks will always be one step ahead. It is ‘mission, impossible’ for the cinema industry.

The report says that Radhika Sharatkumar, wife of Sharatkumar, complained to M Karunanidhi. I can only laugh. J Jayalalitha, ex-CM, was far better in controlling piracy during her regime.

Of course, try, try and until you fail, again.

So as I had said earlier, instead of fighting piracy, make the best use of the technology. The pirated movies are available for a meager Rs. 40. And that booty is going to “pirates of the ‘cinemawood’”. Take it, guys! There is money to be minted. There is an existing distribution channel.

Those who love watching movies in theatre for the experience will anyway watch it in theatres. For those who think cinema is an expensive proposition, which I am sure is a huge segment, will benefit from this change in strategy.

Of course, the cinema industry has already started releasing movies on DTH platform. So what stops them from selling on inexpensive storage formats? Since prices points are low, there will be no entry barrier for purchases. This means that everyone will want to own a copy rather than circulate amongst each other. Well even if circulated, it is fine. As long as the cineconomy has made some money, it is fine.

Well, if the cinema industry doesn’t listen, what can be done? As the Kalyani Beer ad says – what goes my father, it’s your funeral!

Till things change, selling of pirated movies will continue at ‘Burma’ Bazaars, Subways and at train stations! Right under your nose, Mr. Producer!

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