Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why do men rape?

The recent rape and unfortunate death of a student in Delhi has stirred intense emotions in India. Reading the reports on this dastardly act does stir up anger and fear even in men. No man wants any women, family, friend or otherwise, to go through such gruesome episode. But it does happen and I am afraid this may continue to happen. Read the pondering of a girl who articulates her experiences and shares her state of mind which I am sure is how many women would be feeling, today.

But why do men rape?

Some of the things that is commonly attributed are

  1. Women dress in a manner to incite a rape.
  2. Women travel late in the night, alone, making themselves vulnerable
  3. And many more such nonsense

This The Hindu article throws some light into the remedy and the causes. But still why do men rape?

Shouldn't men know the answer, for it lies within and not outside?

This cartoon shows the comparison the human mind - males vs. female brain. While it does make light of the state, it may not be far off from the mark. At least I cannot lie to myself. Men are more obsessed with sexual act then the fairer sex.  

The Maslow's hierarchy of needs classifies Sex as one of the basic physiological needs for man (or woman for that matter). Just that men's needs are insatiable till death and the subject perennially dominates the thoughts. Not an excuse to commit the crime, though.

Can rape actually be avoided?

Castration, death or any other punishment is not going to undo the damage that already has been done. It can act as deterrent. But will it ensure that no such acts take place again? Do you think the countries that have strict laws and which are enforced religiously have no crime? Many countries have death penalties, but does that ensure that no murders or other gruesome crimes take place?

How many of us stop for the signal? Why do we spit when we know it is not a good habit? We happily (men, mostly) urinate in public. We don't stand in queues. To follow rules and be disciplined is not just in us. What I am trying to imply is that if we leave the emotions to a side and think about other dishonorable acts, like murder, stealing and those I have just mentioned, rape is also an act of an immature mind. A mind which despite knowing still commits what shouldn't be. 

Deterrence by exemplary punishments is one way. But avoiding? How do you avoid rapes? I am unsure.

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Jame Consul said...

Men who rape are crazy they need to be punish reaD more