Friday, April 22, 2016

Why I hate Jugaad?

Jugaad has come to define Indian innovation. Books have been written about it. It is being glorified and acknowledged in B-schools.

To those uninitiated, it is the innate ability of Indians to find innovative solutions to problems faced. The uniqueness is that they are created with the least possible resources.

Initially a fan, I have come to think of it as our bane. It best represents the Indian mindset. Don't get me wrong, there is a need for people to be frugal but that should not be the only way of life. Certainly, jugaad is something we all Indians must try to overcome.

Why Jugaad?

As I said, Jugaad is the child of lack of resources. As a nation that is still emerging from being a third world country, we have been trained to do with what is available. For us everything has to be cheap and best. It has become ingrained into our subconscious. Short-cut is now hardwired into us. Even if we have resources, we will still think of cutting corners.

What does it actually mean? 

Jugaad is not innovation it is adaptation. It is manifestation of larger inherent ailments. It is:
  1. An indicator of our short term thinking which means that we are limited in our urge to find a holistic solution. Thinking big and real innovation as a result are lost cause.  
  2. They are certain recipe for danger. Safety and security is not even an afterthought.  
  3. They also indicates our rebellious nature. To rebel without a cause. Which in turn means immaturity. This is the worst aspect of our conditioning. Our need to bribe and break rules (honking, going on the wrong side of the road, spitting & dirtying, refusing to wear seat belts or helmet...) is a result of our inability of appreciate and accept even bare minimum standards and be disciplined. 
Yes, jugaad makes us more adaptable and resourceful but kaam chalao is primitiveness. As human beings we should grow continuously while retaining elements for adaptation. That's how we have become a better race.

Jugaad is a malady and we need a proper course to weed it out. Not a short way to fix it. 

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