Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why Blog?

A thought.

Most of us have already read about blogs and have been PR-ified that it is the greatest tool in the history of PR. Is it?

I am not the adopter of most trends but I did open up a blog and took a resolution that I will make it the most interesting/insightful blog in the world. So did a few of my colleagues in Chennai. Then came the IIPM controversy and it was acclaimed that blogs are here to stay.

Oh are you asking me what happened to my blog? It has rusted. I am not alone, so has it for those 'few of my colleagues'! I am so happy.

Now, it could be said that I am lazy and I did not have the resolve to continue but so are many.

Do blogs really work? Maybe.

When was the last time that you visited any blog? As PR professionals do we really have a set of blogs that we track often (as we do with publications/TVs/portals)? Do we know who are the bloggers whom can be PR-ified! ;)

We know India's PC penetration is abysmally low. Je sais, Je sais, the internet penetration is going up but still how much is it anyway? Kaun hain woh? I think the more important question is whom can we target through blogs?

Also, strange isn't it? The mainstream on-line portals (our sifys, rediffs, which are the other ones) themselves are struggling to get more people on to their portal, how will our niche blogs get the eyeballs? We nowadays don't trust the 'authentic' and 'credible' newspapers, how can we trust a blogger?

Hmmm, is it that I am missing a point or is it that blogs are over-hyped pregnancy?
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