Friday, February 24, 2006

Use of cellphones

This happened a couple of weeks back.

I was returning from Mumbai on Indian (earlier Indian Airlines). The flight landed in Chennai and was moving on the tarmac. The pilot during his announcements said that the use of mobile is prohibited until the plane comes to a halt and the doors were opened.

True to our Indian style, a passenger sitting behind started speaking loudly on his mobile.

Now, that is not the story.

As soon as, the plane came to a halt, a flight purser walked up to the passenger and pulled him up. He humiliated our man in front of other co-passengers. He said 'I can get you arrested if I complain to the police'.

Wow! Now that's new.

I am not sure the same would have happened in Jet/Sahara/Deccan or any other airline.

Was it right on the part of the purser to have pulled up a passenger in front of others? The passenger has paid a huge sum for the ticket, should he be humiliated in such a manner?

My personal feeling is that the purser was well within his duty to have done so, he is responsible for the lives of the passengers. (purser (n) : an officer aboard a ship who keeps accounts and attends to the passengers' welfare. Source:

I feel that unless the rules are strictly enforced, people will continue to make fun if it.
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