Friday, March 03, 2006

PR professionals, the influencer community for media

While I was sitting on the pot today, a thought crossed my mind.

Today most journalists consider PR professionals as untouchables. And not without a reason. PR professionals have not yet become true professionals. We are supposed to be communication professionals and yet cannot practice it for ourselves. Have spent 5 years in the industry and even today few of the media friends complain about some PR professionals who are nothing but intrusions.

That was not the thought I had.

Whatever said and done, no one can deny that PR professionals have an access to the decision makers in the corporate. If they act smart and professionally, can influence the opinion of key people in the client organizations.

Not sure if the media has ever considered it.

If the media houses use PR professionals as their ambassadors, they could get access to these corporate and bring themselves into consideration set whether it is for advertising or circulation.

Does not mean that media should tolerate the un-professional PR persons but definitely leverage the good ones.

Am I a good or bad???
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