Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Monks Who Buy Ferraris!

Did I make a mistake in the headline?

Of course not.

Apologies, Mr. Robin Sharma.

I really loved your book and find the strategies and tactics useful. I would suggest your book to everyone who wants to improve her/his life and live it fullest.

Interestingly, contrary to the Time Management program that the main character attended in your book, the one which I attended in India conducted by a Russian-lady, named Elena Agsar, covered most of the points that you have mentioned in your book.

But even then your narration is quite fantastic. Makes an easy reading.

Well coming back to the headline, Mr. Julian Mantle sells his Ferrari and other materialistic belongings in pursuit of wisdom and spirituality. He reaches India and is educated and nursed by Yogi Raman.

It made a beautiful reading.

Only, the monks in India are not quite the same.

Name the best known monks/gurus/spiritual leaders...and all of them travel in the best of cars. Adorn heavy jewellery (not all), stay in AC rooms and have heard that they organize business deals.

Murderous attaks have been carried out on some and top magazines carry scandalous reports on sexual escapedes of these gurus.

I am sure Mr. Yogi Raman is not one of them.

Having read too many negative stories on Indian monks/gurus, I have come to disregard them.

For the Vivekanand's who are searcing for Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, today, they can find refuge in books such as yours.

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murali said...

Hi Ganesh!
Remember me... Murali.... Well, I should say that your spouse's criticism of your writing has refined it....!! I am admiring your language all through this Blog....
As for "The Monk.... ", I would also suggest that you lay hands on a copy of "Me.. The Winner" authored by Chennais's own Jyothi Menon.. It again is of how to treat life....