Monday, April 10, 2006

Savi baby, you make me feel so proud

A couple of weeks back Savitha called in for some help from Blue Cross. There was this mongrel which she calls Browny which was hurt with some parts of his skin torn apart (apparently, it met with a car accident).

Here is more on that in Savitha's own blog -

Browny was taken away by the Blue Cross and for a long time after that we did not know what happened.

I was proud of what she did.

Last week as I was leaving to play tennis, early morning, I saw this cheerful Browny sitting near a chandy put by a vegetable vendor near our place. I was really thrilled. I stopped the car to take a good look at Browny and found that though he had become little thin and weak, there were no signs of any injury. IT WAS CURED, COMPLETELY.

Again, two days back, there was this lady who works as a maid in our neighbor's place came upto me and said thanks. For a moment, I did not know why. Then she said that Browny had recovered because of me. I told her that all credit goes to my wife and not to me.

I was so touched.

Savitha, you are the best.
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