Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What's my next step?

Over the lunch table at office, our director raised a question on what would be the final destination (professionally) for a PR person (an executive working for a PR agency).

He felt that as head of corporate communications one hits the plateau (Peter Principle). There is no further growth for the PR executive. Where does this person go from here?

It was a scary thought. I did manage to tell him that the future should be a transition to marketing or sales function. Our director didn't think so. He asked me to recall if I knew of any corporate communications person who had made this transition. If a Corp Comm ever became the marketing head or CEO of an organization.

Actually, I did not.

While a parallel thought was running in my mind. What does the PR executive at an agency do? MT to Executive, Executive to Manager, Manager to Director. From more media to more clients and then maybe to operations/organization.

I know of Account Directors and Managers who have for over a decade (little less or little more) done the same thing. Have they hit the plateau.

Point to wonder.

Well, most of the PR executive move from agency to client maybe one to expand the role from a service provider to one who manages agencies who are responsible for the image/branding of the company. So, instead of just looking at PR function now one has to look into ads, pr, and other communication tools.

But, is it valued and considered as strategic by the management, thats management's problem.

Well, I do believe that atleast there is more money and exposure on the other side. Or is it just a case of the grass is greener on the otherside. What say you?

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