Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Who cares if I don't look like Johnny Depp?

No, this is not about me or Johnny Depp.

I was wondering to myself, how not-so-great-looking guys and gals become stars in the movies.

I am so much reminded of Vijay. The Ilaya Thalapathi as he is known amongst his fans in TN. Oh, how can I forget Rajinikanth.

But then Vijay and Rajini are bigger hits than lets say Ajit, Kamalhassan...

When Vijay was launched, forget men even women would not have kind of liked him. But over a period of time with movies of his releasing, every now and then (thanks maybe to his parent's connections), Vijay stayed on. A couple of good films with meaty roles, Vijay has transformed and is likely to be the next Super Star (Rajini).

No denying that Vijay is very talented.

So, what makes these guys turn around and become successful.

Is it that they are forcefed to us and we get used to them?

Does this happen to brands as well...Can a brand fail initially and then if brand persists and improves, it does have a chance.

What's wrong with me, haven't we heard of Microsoft?
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