Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spill Ur Dill

Wow, now that is a lovely ad!

I am talking about Cornetto's ad. The campaign started with teasers. A cute boy is playing basketball and the ball crosses the fence. He goes to collect it and finds a cute girl holding the basket ball and smiling. That killer smile just eats me up.

The teaser went on for sometime and then came the complete ad. Apparently, the girl likes the boy and is spreading her net to catch the boy. After the basket ball meeting, the two meet each other again and yet again. The girl comes out of a shop holding the Cornetto cone. The boy bumps into her and finds a smear of ice cream just above her lips. He points out to it. She, coyly, wipes it. Then the final sequence. The boy and the girl bump into each other in a shop and find that there is only one Cornetto left. And of course, what do you expect. The boy sacrifices but gains the girls love/heart.

But hold on. All these have been planned by the girl along with her friends.

Oh my. It is such a nice naughty love story. Both girl and boy are really cute-looking. I, just, love that girl. She reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. Which one? :P

It is nice to watch such a nice one amongst the garbage of ads.

The other ad which is impressive is the Bru ad, featuring the beautiful and sexy Lakshmi Rai.

Amidst the boring serials and other programs, ads like these keep up the spirit of TV. Ad men have become so good that they are now attempting the larger format. Waiting to watch R Balki's 'Cheeni Kum'.

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