Monday, April 30, 2007

Gere, Shilpa, & the kiss!

It was all unwarranted, uncalled for, and absolute stupidity on part of Richard Gere.

By what I could make out from watching's clip was:

1. It was not a planned act. Shilpa was caught unaware.
2. Was there something about the guy who was whispering into Gere's ears just before the act?

Ok, now I am not fundamentalist. I am not going to admonish Gere. Neither am I going to burn effigies nor file cases.

What must be said was that the action seemed to be straight out of a Hollywood movie. And of course, Shilpa, quite quickly, gained control and did not seem to mind the act.

Oh, what was the occasion? AIDS awareness! Maybe it was joke.

Mr. Gere, are you married? You almost started the action with a lady who was neither your girlfriend nor fiancé. Wife, she is not, I am pretty sure about that.

Let’s not get into the debate of whether it was right or wrong.

Not sure, what message the truck drivers got?

Now, if that was not enough; the show was as seductive. Women were dancing in 'nice' cloths, and drivers would have got a high. Where do they go straight after the show? Not a hard guess to make!

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