Monday, April 16, 2007

Chennai EMUs: My Saviour

Today, after about a month, I again started traveling by EMU. Hopefully, I will continue to do that for a long time. It is not something that dawned upon me this morning. As soon as we shifted to Harrington Road, I had decided that I will take the train. But alas, I hurt my knee.

Otherwise, home to Nungambakkam station is about 10 minutes walk; and from Guindy to Office is another 5 minutes. The time taken by an EMU in covering the distance between Nungambakkam and Guindy is JUST 10 minutes, can you believe it? Even if I wait for five minutes in the station for the train, I would only spend about half an hour in commuting.

Compare this to traveling by car. Typically, I would start at 8.45 am. By the time I cross the Chetpet signal; take the Haddows Rd. and reach Gemini; it would easily take half an hour. I don't even want to discuss the rest of the journey. Constant braking, changing gears, and brawls with auto drivers and others! Reaching office daily can be a harrowing experience.

Of course, there are downsides. I sweat a lot. Walking in Chennai isn't the same as walking in London.

I have recently invested some good amounts of money on car stereo. Now, that is something that I will miss, terribly.

But then, I am beginning to realize that the amount of vehicles on the road will continue to increase disproportionately to any betterment in infrastructure. Better use the public infrastructure than driving your own vehicle, if you can.

I am just thinking; why can't the IT companies provide pick up and drop only from the Tidel Park MRTS station?

Poori & Monica, is there an EMU facility in B'lore? No, no. Not the bird. EMU stands for Electrical Multiple Units. Too technical for ya Bengulureans! :P Suburban trains, does that ring a bell.

Did I hear - METRO? HA HA HA HA

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