Friday, February 12, 2010

Thumbs Down to Google Buzz

The problem of plenty. In my opinion, Buzz may not make a cut. It seems Wave and Twitter has been incorporated into Gmail. Force fit, it looks for now. Would be interesting to see what happens after a while.

Thumbs Down to Google Buzz: "
Dave Kerpen, our CBO, gives the thumbs down to Google Buzz. Google Buzz allows you to share information and get social with your Gmail contacts, but there’s no way to segment who you are sharing which information with– and your contact list might include contacts from all different sectors of your world. Try using Facebook lists instead!

Update: Thanks to Brad Ward, who pointed out that you can segment information you share on Google Buzz by different groups. See his screenshot here. We still think Google Buzz has a huge uphill battle to climb, as users don’t want another social network – and that once Facebook debuts its new email system (“Project Titan”), Facebook will own the online identity space that Google craves. But we’re curious about your thoughts: Google Buzz:  Boom or Bust?


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