Thursday, March 25, 2010

How Gods Help Stop Public Urination?

Urinating is one of the most popular passtimes for many Indians, especially the man-kind. Well, I have indulged in this pleasure activity, myself.

Pity, erudite section of the society thinks it is bad habit! Government runs campaigns urging people to stop urinating in public, makes or atleast attempts to make rules and tries to penalize offenders. But fails, it does, badly in implementing. Difficult! They could build more toilets.

But then Indians do not demand more toilets. We are religious. Very religious, aren't we? So we build more places of worship. Then fight with each other and destroy others' holy places. But one thing we do in unison is to pee in public. We stand united!
While the followers may not live in harmony, the 'Gods' or 'Messengers' have no issue with coming on the same platform, errr, on the same wall to promote a good cause, as you see in the pics.

Caught on Harrington Road, this is not a new trick but caught my attention. As an aethist, I think more about the concept of God, now. I have wondered how human beings started believing in God, why do we need them? I am still dealing with those thoughts. But in the meanwhile this sighting helped me realize atleast one use of God. Or atleast how man/woman-kind use God?

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