Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Why I Love Twitter more than Blog?

Instant Gratification!

I do not have to flesh out my thoughts. I do not have to spell check. Do not have to worry about grammar. I can be forgiven for typos. I do not have to wait till the one single, simple and often stupid thought develops into a big story. I do not necessarily have to give data to prove my point. Not that I need to do that in full-fledged blogging, yet. I get instant large audience that is if they are also online and if they follow me.

It is like the Blink concept in the book by the same name by Malcolm Gladwell.

But blog is like creating a masterpiece, relatively.

To blog is to explore. It is in-depth. You become better at articulating thoughts. You are serious about what you write and want to become better in expressing yourself, both thoughts and words.

Yes, we desire for authentic cuisine but often end up eating junk food. As long as we eat, it’s ok. Mr. R Narayanan, Director at Twenty Twenty MEDIA, used to say, “It doesn’t matter even if one reads porn, as long as one develops the habit of reading”.

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