Friday, June 11, 2010

Latest TV Technologies: Plasma Vs. LED Vs. LCD

Ok, here is a quick guide to buying these latest technology TVs. This is based on limited interaction with different TV sales guys and watching the performance of TVs from a close angle.

1. Clarity: Plasma is the most natural. LCD sucks. LED is very bright.While the material in plasma only absorbs and reflects rays, LED, I believe, not only absorbs the rays and reflects, but also has its own reflection. This is why LED is very bright. This was explained to me by an engineer.

2. Viewing experience: Plasma is good from both long and short distances viewing. LED makes better for longer distances. A close comparison on plasma and LCD revealed that the latter has grains.

3. Life: This I cannot say with authority but was told that plasma have a longer life. LEDs have a relatively shorter life as the emission is more.

4. Energy consumption: LEDs are supposed to consume far less energy than plasma. But a newer plasma technology from Panasonic is supposed to do better.

Time for my own opinion. First of all, let me be honest in admitting that I ordered a Panasonic Plasma TV and I am still to see how it pans out over a longer period of time. I was told that plasma is outdated technology and LED is the latest. But when I spent time looking at the performance of plasma and LCD, I felt plasma wasn't that bad. Though it may not match the brightness of LED. Also, plasma seems to be a lot cheaper than LED. So, if you are fine with a very good quality image for a decent price plasma may be better for you. But if you want to show off the TV performance, for LED. I was certainly not impressed with LCD.

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