Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exceptions to the Rule

Marketing books suggest that in order to succeed, the product must be to the liking of the prospective buyer. And packaging plays an important role. Marketers do a lot of research to understand the behavior of consumers.

Ask a lady what her favorite colors are? Purple, Mauve, Lilac, Pink, Lavender, Peach...While men can't think beyond primary colors, women dismiss anything that isn't complicated. Read this nice post by Harsha Subramaniam on 'Why Men Are Colour Blind?'.

Savitha has often taken my mickey on the choice of gifts that my lady friends shower on me. Whether it is a T-shirt or a Body Wash, they seem to give me something of feminine taste. Things which are to their liking. But, if a man dares to wear a dress in 'feminine' color, he can be certain that there will be either explicit or implicit indications from people around that something is not 'straight'. A continued ignorance to such indications is definite path to be branded a Gay. No, not a happy man. Gay meaning homosexual.

So instead of wooing women, the correct market, the law of unintended consequences may apply and one might end up kindling interests from the not-desired market.

So remember that there are exceptions to the rule.

And I am STRAIGHT, Sam Boy!
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