Monday, May 03, 2010

Which Digital Camera Will I Buy?

If I had to buy a digital camera based on the ads being aired on Television, currently, I would buy the Canon IXUS.

In addition to Canon, Sony and Nikon are the other brands that are competing for your attention.

But as I said, IXUS' ad with two young ones driving on a highway is the best in terms of kindling interest. The ad communicates the key features like the touch screen, zoom, HD recording...I loved the part, where the lady moves from pillion to the front, like Rani Mukherjee in the movie Ghulam, while approaching a tunnel. Even the statutory warning line urging viewers not to perform the stunts performed in the ad has been used very creatively. The ad says, These actions have been performed by professionals, please don't try them but try the Canon IXUS. Nice!

Sony's ad featuring Deepika Padukone is also good. The ad moves in a fast pace with the lady walking the ramp and taking a 270 degree panorama picture of the audience. There is a slight snooty-ness about the ad but does capture attention.

Nikon ad is nothing to write about. Anyway, a guy gets caught taking pictures of a pretty one by the girl's father. The father checks the pictures in the camera and finds some good pictures and get impressed with the boy. Well, the ad doesn't impress at all.   

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prabhakaran said...

careful, Dont go by Ad, try to figure out your requirement and select the Camera :-)