Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't Spit in Public

Does it sound dirty?

It is a way of life in India. Walk up the staircase, on every break in the flight you will find the corners pitch red. No it's not painted, it is the pan masala spat on the walls. Stand near the tea shop and watch smokers. Spit, spit, spit.

Don't think you can get away from it when you are driving. In addition to watching for signals and traffic, please do watch out for the head which suddenly pops out of the bus/car/lorry or for that matter any goddamn vehicle. Spit, spit, spit.

We, Indians, can spit our way to glory.

So, I opened a new Community (my own) in Orkut. Called it 'I Won't Spit in Public'. Sent invites to more than 80 friends. Guess, how many joined? Seven.

Coming back, why do we spit?

I am no different. During my hotel management, I went to Park Sheraton for an outdoor party (to serve, not to enjoy). After crossing the security, I felt this sudden Indian Spit Urge (ISU). And, I did it. Unfortunately for me, the chief security officer saw me committing the act. He promptly came to me and asked a simple question "Will you spit inside your house?"

Do we spit inside our house? Of course not. Do we spit in the living room while watching TV? Do we spit while we are lying in the bed? Do we spit around the dining table?

Yes, I know we do spit in bathroom. But that is a place we can spit.

In that case, why do we mindlessly spit in public?

It is so much in our genes. It is something that we are proud off. There is a Tamil film song which describes how one can chew beeda and spit anywhere we want. I used to like the song then, but no more.

Forget illiterate crowd. ISU is as prevalent amongst the highly educated in India, young or old.

If a board comes up somewhere requesting people not to spit, next day you will find that board completely covered with colorful spit.

We don't realize that spitting helps transmit diseases.

What perplexes me is that we would not dare spit in public when we cross our borders. Guess, that is hypocrisy!

At least for our well being, can we stop it?

Hold on, don’t we have a bigger problem? Pissing in public!

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