Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sanjay Dutt, Sorry For You! But...

Sanjay Dutt has finally been sentenced.

Poor thing! But hold on! He was in possession of AK 56, wasn't he? Oh, what did you say? It was to safeguard himself and his family during the communal violence. Good point.

Mr. Sunil Dutt was an MP, if I am not wrong. I am sure he could have arranged security. Again, I read that Sanjay Dutt bought it from Abu Salem. Why would he buy it from an alleged terrorist/mafia man?

Could it be because he didn't trust the Indian Police system? But AK 56, was he trained to use it? If so, from where?

Anyway, that is not what I wanted to write about.

I am pretty aghast by Bollywood fraternity's sympathy to its family member whenever they do wrong.

Salman Khan mauls people sleeping on the road. Drunken driving, I am told. Maybe, he was drowning his sorrows in the event of Loosing Aishwarya. But guys, he took away lives of people who matter a great deal to their families. Then, there is the adventure of shooting wildlife.

I am not sure how Sushmita, who vehemently supports and defends Salman, will behave if her near and dear one is run over by someone. Will she still say 'Oh, she/he is a nice guy!'

I am aghast at the way the Bollywood, instead of condoning these acts comes out in (the) open and displays its empathy to wrong doers. And the media reporting their QUOTES set a wrong precedent.

What is wrong with us? Why can't we just accept that Sanjay is being penalized for the wrong that he has committed? The intensity of this period in life may become more bearable.

Btw, I witnessed another incident while traveling by a suburban train. A guy got into the first class compartment without a valid ticket and was cornered by the TT. Instead of gracefully agreeing to pay the fine, the guy kept explaining the situation to the TT and requesting him to pardon him without having to pay a fine. Of course, the TT wasn't moved. I was reminded of a similar incident that occurred to me. I also did plead.

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