Sunday, August 19, 2007

SMS De-Addiction

Very recently, I got addicted to messaging. Smsing. I am sure many of you have experienced it or are still addicts.

Mobile Service Providers offer many packages that offers unlimited messaging which makes keyboard communication more preferred.

My problem was compounded because my wife has taken about two month holiday and visiting her sister in UK. With no one around, I took to messaging. Helped with a lil one who patiently replied to all my queries and stupid jokes, the addiction went to such a level that I was looking forward to sms-es and would so hurriedly reply to messages that sometimes I would respond even before the messages are delivered (exaggeration for elucidation).

If I did not get messages, I would get Withdrawl Symptoms .

I realized my situation pretty early. I think the first step in addiction to recognize your problem. Having done that various measure were taken to fight back the urge.

While this is not an attempt to draw a map for de-addiction, what I have realized from my recent experience is that one must be aware of oneself's behavior.

My situation now is under control (that is what I would like to believe).

But what does one do if the drug is freely and mutually available.

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