Sunday, August 19, 2007

Most Loved Company

With so much competition for manpower, every corporate worth its salt wants to portray itself as the best employer. And I am sure the magazines and HR agencies are making a killing.

Recently, I heard about an incident in this IT Company which is probably the most favorite brand in the country. It is said to have made many of its employees (drivers, gardeners...included) multimillionaires. It is a brand that every Indian Software Engineer would want to work for. The company also constantly wins many of these Best Employer surveys.

A Software Engineer posted in of the Development Center of this company located at the Southern most tip of Chennai was traveling to office in the company vehicle. Suddenly, the driver applied brakes and because of the impact, he hit against the front seat and broke his nose. For treatment, he was admitted into a hospital. Due to the injury, he lost seven days. After which he joined office and resumed his work.

How would you expect yourself to be treated if you had gone through such an incident? Empathy?

On the salary date, the engineer realized that he received a lot less of salary. Upon checking with the HR, he was told that the seven days he lost due to the injury was taken as LoP (loss of pay).

Astonished with this behavior and feeling let down of such treatment by the company, which is 'supposed' to be the most employee-friendly organization in India and what with its visionary leaders, the employee quit.

Now, this is what I heard from my friends. I am not sure how true this is.

If this is actually what happened then there is something wrong with the company. The leadership cannot take shelter behind Processes.

Maybe then companies should participate in Best Process Driven Company.

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